Food & Drink

There is a beautiful restaurant within the SOIRÉE47 festival site serving a delicious choice of Plat du Jour at very reasonable prices, or choices from a more extensive à la carte menu. They will also serve breakfasts with fresh coffee or the option of a hot cooked breakfast. Everything you need to set you up for the day!

There will also be a great selection of local food vendors selling traditional French food, including moules and frites, locally reared duck, pork, goats milk ice cream, delicious crepes and more…all set up outdoors around long tables, overlooking the beautiful landscape and under the shade of the trees…just what French lunch times were made for!

SOIRÉE47 will also bring you some wonderful locally produced wine from award winning vineyards in the area, all at reasonable prices.

There will be plenty of soft drinks and beers too and, of course, water will be free to keep you cool!

Arts & Entertainment

Lovers of music, food, arts, wine, dancing, sun and relaxing – let’s come together for this very special little festival! Lets basque in the abundant French summer sunshine where there’s plenty of space for you to take in the sun and scenery. This is the time to really relax and unwind, away from the crowds, away from the busy chaos of our day to day lives…

SOIRÉE47 will provide you with this little piece of heaven; for just a short while… Although a time for kicking back and taking it easy we’ll have plenty to keep you occupied if you wish – circus skills, DJ school, traditional outdoor games, and very special appearances from unique French circus acts to enjoy. Not forgetting the long leisurely mornings of wellness sessions to join in… check them out in the Wellness Section of the programme.

Of course central to the SOIRÉE47 vibe, the long, relaxing lunch, sat outdoors, meeting new people and sampling beautiful locally produced food and wine. This will be the perfect way to finish off your summer.

At SOIRÉE47 we know it’s important to keep the little people in our families entertained…So if you’re coming along as a family we’ll do our very best to make sure the children have a fun-filled couple of days!

For the little performers we have the brilliant ‘Club Acapella’ a 3 hour singing workshop delivered by one of our live artists, the incredible singer/songwriter Paola Vera, there will also be circus skills workshops provided by the very talented ‘Collectif Tarabiscoté who will also be performing live at SOIREE47. For the creatives, a super fun Art class (small fee incurred). We also have an experienced Yoga teacher at SOIRÉE47 who will provide a ‘Little Yogis’ session for a fun way to introduce Yoga to our little ones…

Face painting will be available and children can have unlimited fun with a bouncy castle, art corner and traditional lawn games and all for free!


The festival programming starts early in the morning so that you can join in with a number of wellness activities. Give them a try; kicking off your day in a brilliant way, leaving you feeling energised and refreshed and ready for the day ahead and dancing into the early hours…

Yoga, Meditation & Massage

There is an adults’ yoga and mindfulness session, delivered by the very experienced Elena Stevenson Tingen who has been teaching how to incorporate yoga and meditation into daily life as well as at work for many years and has been involved in ‘mindfulness in education’ for the last decade.

Yoga and mindfulness benefit your general well being and generate energy as well as maintaining a strong and healthy body and mind. Bringing the practices of yoga and mindfulness together allows you to deepen your yoga experience and your mindfulness practice. Sessions start with an introduction to mindful breathing, followed by guided yoga movements and postures, ending with a deep relaxation.

Sessions are taking place on Sunday and Monday mornings and all levels are welcome to join in. Sessions will be free of charge and given in both French and English

We also have a wonderful massage therapist on hand, why not treat yourself; Zoe Lewin is a professionally trained Canadian Massage Therapist who will be on site offering free Massage demonstrations for the back, neck and shoulders. She will be demonstrating various techniques in Swedish Massage and will be answering any questions you may have (in both French and English) as well as discussing the various ways Massage can help the body. Come along in the morning for a free massage or, if you would like a little extra rest and relaxation, you can book an appointment for a longer massage in the afternoon.

If you would like any more info or to pre-book an afternoon appointment, contact Zoe via her website Cascais Bien-Ètre

Wild Run – Who’s up for it?

Each morning, SOIRÉE47 will give everyone the opportunity to go on a guided Wild Run around Monteton to enjoy the stunning surrounding views. The runs will be at a leisurely pace for anyone with a basic level of fitness to enjoy.

The essence of Wild Running is in the excitement, the location and the pure joy of running a route – the interaction of runner and environment. Freedom and exploration of new and beautiful places are all key to a perfect wild running adventure. It’s a wonderful way of clearing and focusing the mind, shaking off the late night before… and a great mood-enhancer. The Wild Run will get you out exploring Monteton, taking trails and paths you would otherwise not know existed.

You don’t have to be a regular runner to enjoy our Wild Run. Our highly experienced, qualified personal trainers (who have completed over 30 marathons between them) will take you through a warm-up session and on a fantastic two lap run with the the emphasis being on fun and enjoyment of the countryside. Participants can decide to finish after 4k or continue on the 8k run. The route will be clearly marked so you can take things at your own leisurely pace if you desire.


No trip to the French countryside would be complete without a bike ride. Don’t worry if you’re lacking pedal power; the fabulous enterprise GoodTurn Cycles(*) will have their electric ‘e-bikes’ on hand each morning for a 20-30 minute ride around the area. These sessions will be free of charge but a donation to this non-profit organisation would be most appreciated.

The bikes are equipped with pre-set GPS routes but, of course, if you want to go “off piste” you are welcome…the good thing about Monteton is you can see it from everywhere – so you can’t get lost!

Why not try them out with the free morning trial, then if you fancy, book yourself in for the afternoon and take a longer trip and explore a little more!

(*)Riders will need to be at least 21 years old (with a valid i.d.)