Fabrice Franck Henri, otherwise known as GUTS, is a French producer and DJ, a worldwide talent who mixes jazz, soul and hip hop to devastating effect.

GUTS has enjoyed a cult following ever since his debut release ‘Le Beinheureux’ a decade ago, 2011’s follow up ‘Paradise for all’ and Since 2013, he has concocted with his accomplice Mambo, the compilations Beach Diggin’. Since hip hop broke into his life, somewhere in the 80s, Guts has devoted all his time and energy to it. Sourcing thousands of rare samples, spending nights in search of the perfect beat or the precisely set melody. 2014’s ‘Hip Hop after all’ cemented his name worldwide as a legendary DJ/producer. So in 2014, after twenty-five years of unfailing devotion, he decided to magnify this music which, by the richness and quality of the sources used, made him the producer he is today. Guts has worked alongside Patrice, Lorine Chia, Blanka, Leron Thomas, Tanya Morgan, Cody ChesnuTT, Masta Ace, Murs & Grand Puba.